#8 Update

#8 Update

Number 8 on my 30 before 30 List: Update Blog!

Not sure how to sum up a whole year and a half in one blog post. I haven’t done much as far as art goes. A few projects here and there but I don’t even know if I took photos of them! Of course I have a bazillion photos of Julia!  Here are some memorable moments. Enjoy : )

Julia's first wedding!
Julia’s first wedding!
Julia's 1st Halloween
Julia’s 1st Halloween
Julia's 2nd Halloween
Julia’s 2nd Halloween
Go Giants!
Go Giants!
Julia's first Thanksgiving
Julia’s first Thanksgiving
Julia's First Christmas
Julia’s First Christmas
2nd Christmas
2nd Christmas
Julia's 1st winter
Julia’s 1st winter
Julia's 2nd Winter
Julia’s 2nd Winter
Julia's 1st Easter
Julia’s 1st Easter
Julia's 1st camping trip
Julia’s 1st camping trip
Julia's 1st Birthday!
Julia’s 1st Birthday!
Julia's 1st vacation
Julia’s 1st vacation
1st haircut
1st haircut

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