Book Signing

Book Signing

We had our first book signing this past weekend at Barnes and Noble! As I thought would happen, it turned out to be a giant family reunion. As any proud mother would do, my mother told everyone she knew about it haha. I suppose any support is better than NO support! We did have some random customers buy the book which we totally high-fived about! One woman bought the book for her friend who was adopting their first child and another woman bought the book for her daughter who was a foster child adoption. She had her daughter with her and when she mentioned the book was about foster care and adoption the little girl’s face lit up with a huge smile!

My co-worker came to the book signing with her daughter and shared with me the following week how proud her daughter was to be able to bring the book in to school and share how she met the illustrator.  Her teacher read it aloud and the students all got to shout out what the feeling hearts meant to them on each page. It made her day to be able to share this with her classmates and it made MY day to hear about it. 🙂

My nephew (5 years old) came to the signing and was talking to us about how he “Illustrated” a book at home. I thought it was so cute that he said “illustrated” versus “drew pictures”.

My cousin, who just made the advanced art class in school (SO PROUD OF HER!) was there as well and I think she just may surpass me one day when it comes to artistic ability. I hope that I inspire her to continue with art and embrace her creativity as she is so talented!

As with any public display of my art I was anxious the ENTIRE week before! I totally cried every night over stupid little things. Of course my pregnant hormones didn’t help. I don’t know why I get so nervous. I always think I could have done better…

Overall it was a good experience and I am happy the book is gaining some exposure. It is a great learning tool for children dealing with foster care and adoption.

If you are interested in purchasing this book it is available online at Barnes and Noble.

“The Perfect Match” by Kim Diaz (Illustrated by Melissa Armer) Still listed under my maiden name.

THANK YOU to everyone who came to support us!!

Sign in Barnes and Noble window!


Drawing from a photo

Drawing from a photo

Mom sent me these photos over text of a drawing I reproduced from a photo of a friend’s dog. Mom is my official PR person haha. This was done with watercolor and colored pencil. Sorry for the crappy cell phone images. First photo is the photo I was given to work from and the second photo is of my drawing.