Mother Daughter Christmas Project I

Mother Daughter Christmas Project I

Mom and I decided to collaborate on a Christmas project this year. Since Mom recently taught herself to sew I thought a quilt would be the perfect project for us! Thankfully I remembered how to quilt from a class I took in college!

I had these 2 quilt squares that my cousin Brianna had made me in school that were sitting in my room for over a year. I also had some vintage fabric sitting around that was perfect for Brianna!

So here it is! The finished product! We gave it to Brianna last weekend as an early Christmas present. I wanted to see her open it as I won’t see her on Christmas day. She LOVED it 🙂

Brianna and I on “Christmas Cookie Day”. I swear she is my clone! The socks were NOT planned haha

Inspiration for the vintage kitten fabric…