#1 Visit a museum

#1 Visit a museum

Number one on my 30 before 30 List: Visit a museum!

I should have known better to think a toddler would sit still for an endangered bird presentation! Julia LOVES animals so I thought she would love to see some “birdies” at Roger’s Island. Nope. She couldn’t care less about the birds and was more interested in exploring and climbing.

Read more about Roger’s Island and Friends of the IBA here:



Julia Roger's Island

#4 Sledding

#4 Sledding

Number four on my 30 before 30 List: Go Sledding!

I haven’t been sledding since I was a kid and taking Julia was so much fun! The little ones only lasted about 20 minutes outside, but they had a wonderful afternoon playing indoors haha. This has been the COLDEST winter I can remember!!

Caitlyn and Julia Chris and Julia Me and Julia

#8 Update

#8 Update

Number 8 on my 30 before 30 List: Update Blog!

Not sure how to sum up a whole year and a half in one blog post. I haven’t done much as far as art goes. A few projects here and there but I don’t even know if I took photos of them! Of course I have a bazillion photos of Julia!  Here are some memorable moments. Enjoy : )

Julia's first wedding!
Julia’s first wedding!
Julia's 1st Halloween
Julia’s 1st Halloween
Julia's 2nd Halloween
Julia’s 2nd Halloween
Go Giants!
Go Giants!
Julia's first Thanksgiving
Julia’s first Thanksgiving
Julia's First Christmas
Julia’s First Christmas
2nd Christmas
2nd Christmas
Julia's 1st winter
Julia’s 1st winter
Julia's 2nd Winter
Julia’s 2nd Winter
Julia's 1st Easter
Julia’s 1st Easter
Julia's 1st camping trip
Julia’s 1st camping trip
Julia's 1st Birthday!
Julia’s 1st Birthday!
Julia's 1st vacation
Julia’s 1st vacation
1st haircut
1st haircut
30 before 30

30 before 30

This September I will be turning THIRTY! I wasn’t going to make a “30 before 30” list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turn 30 because I thought it would stress me out…but instead I feel excited about the year (more like 7 months!) to come! Some of the things on my list I have already done but would like to do again before I turn the big three-o. I realize most of the things on my list are not huge life goals and are more like fun activities, but fun is what I need in my life right now! I have so much to be thankful for already. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter, an old something-is-always-breaking house, a love hate relationship with our dog, a cat who refuses to come indoors even in this crazy cold winter we are having and the best group of friends and family a girl could ask for.

Here’s to the last year of my 20’s!

  1. Visit a museum
  2. Go to the Winter Carnival in Lake George
  3. Give back to the community
  4. Go sledding
  5. Crate train the dog
  6. Get a tattoo
  7. Start an Etsy account
  8. Blog
  9. Go without TV for one week
  10. Learn CPR
  11. Go to Church
  12. Host a tea party
  13. Shoot a gun
  14. Hike a new mountain
  15. Throw a dinner party
  16. Go Kayaking
  17. Visit a Zoo
  18. This one is a secret…I’ll let you know if it happens
  19. Beat both Dad and Chris at Mini Golf
  20. Go one week without Facebook
  21. Visit college roommate
  22. Watch the sunrise and have a breakfast picnic
  23. Rollerblading date
  24. Write a will
  25. Take a self-defense class
  26. Pool Hall date
  27. Attend an auction
  28. Take Julia to a car show
  29. Join a Zumba class
  30. Run a 5K


0-3 months

0-3 months

Officially welcoming baby Julia to the blog! Our beautiful (growing up way too fast!) baby girl has been such a blessing to our family. I love her so much!

Originally I wanted to post a little something each month but here I am 3 months later playing catch up already!

Newborn: In the hospital Chris and I had no clue what we were doing! It was like the blind leading the blind. I had read all the books and thought I was prepared for sleepless nights but holy crap I had NO CLUE what being tired truly felt like until caring for a newborn! The hospital was the WORST! Nursing every 2 hours, visitors in and out all day when we should have been sleeping with the baby, nurses and doctors in and out all night and a newborn who didn’t know the difference between night and day. The third night at 3am I literally had a meltdown convinced I wasn’t cut out to be a parent and there was no way in hell I was going to survive this. Obviously I survived and the sleepless nights were totally worth it!

Newborn photos by Rob Spring
Newborn photos by Rob Spring


Newborn photos by Rob Spring
Newborn photos by Rob Spring


1 month: Two words…sleep deprivation. Breastfeeding is hard work let me tell you! I am so proud to say I am still successfully breastfeeding but I’ll admit I was ready to quit many times. I like my sleep and it was definitely an adjustment that I am still getting used to. Chris and I spent this first month getting to know our baby and figuring out how to be parents. We had a lot of laughs and cries together. Figuring out how to change diapers without getting peed on, when to feed her, how to sooth her and playing rock paper scissors to decide who was going to let the dog out haha. Baby Julia acquired many nicknames during this first month. Lil’ J, Little J, Baby J, Sweet Girl, Baby Girl, Stink, Stank, Spit Monster, Pumpkin, Peanut, Poop Monster, Stink Butt, Droolia….the list goes on and on.


–          Peeing all over the changing table

–          Sponge baths

–          Eat, sleep, poop, repeat

–          LOUD farts!

–          Tummy time

Julia 1 month old
Julia 1 month old


Outtake "5 more minutes mom!"
Outtake “5 more minutes mom!”


2 months:  Starting to get the hang of things and adventuring out of the house more and more.


–          First weekend alone with Chris!

–          Blowouts

–          Smiling!

–          Baths


Julia 2 months old
Julia 2 months old


Outtake "Mama said knock you out!"
Outtake “Mama said knock you out!”


3 months: Julia’s personality is really starting to show. She is such a laid back and happy baby. Going back to work was not fun. I am still struggling with balancing work, baby time, husband time, family time and dreaded chores!


–          Sleepover at Gramma JoJos

–          Bottle feeding

–          Daycare

–          Cooing

–          Squealing with delight


–          Laughing in her sleep

–          “fake” crying

–          Interacting with toys and books

–          Road trip to NJ

–          Using a pacifier


Julia 3 months old
Julia 3 months old


Outtake "The dog is WAY more interesting that this photo shoot"
Outtake “The dog is WAY more interesting than this photo shoot”


I came across your things today

I came across your things today

I came across your things today. The things I don’t have a place for. The only physical things I have left of you. I miss you incredibly today. I thought I would forget you. I thought I would forget your smell and your sounds and your face and hands. But I didn’t. I can still see you in my mind. I can hear you and smell you and it hurts so much that you are not here with me. I don’t know what to do with the bag of cards, your baby hats and copies of your footprints. They sit in the laundry room behind Dad’s work shirts and next to my wedding dress.

I wish you were here to meet your baby sister Julia. She is beautiful and perfect just like you. The love I have for her is overwhelming and every time she reaches a new milestone I think of you and how I would have loved to see you reach those same goals. Although she has healed many wounds there will ALWAYS be a spot in my heart for you.

The trip to the hospital was so difficult. The day I met and lost you both kept running through my mind like a broken movie on repeat. I didn’t want to have another c-section. I didn’t want to relive it all. I was terrified but I had to put my fears aside and just suck it up. The entire experience went nothing like the last time. When I first heard Julia’s cry it was like a tidal wave of emotion. Chris and I looked at each other and could not stop crying. We did it! Julia was healthy and breathing and beautiful and we got to take her home!

I wanted to take you home so badly. I wanted to be your mommy. Now that I know how much I truly love being a mommy it makes me miss you more. I hope that you are happy where ever you are and know how much love I have for you and that I will never forget you.

My sweet Emma and Layla, my angels, I love you.